Bishop Glyn reflects on the Youth Pilgrimage 2013

Posted on the 14th Aug 2013 in the Category - News

Bishop Glyn wishes to put on record just how much he enjoyed his first attendance at the Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage. 


He writes, “It was great to see so many young people from across the broad spectrum of the Church of England and beyond (there was a big Swedish contingent).  It was a real joy and privilege to worship with so many young people in such a lively way.  I came back greatly refreshed and hugely encouraged by the clear commitment on the part of so many young people, though my feet were rather the worse for wear having walked the Holy Mile barefoot for the first time since I was a teenager! My prayer for the young pilgrims is that as they return home they were likewise refreshed and encouraged to continue their pilgrimage through life as enthusiastic disciples of Christ. 


I was enormously grateful to all the leaders for their hard work which undoubtedly contributed to the success of the pilgrimage.  Already I'm looking forward to next year's event and hope that many young people from the Northern Province will join me.”


Some young pilgrim’s share their thoughts:


The Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage is always a highlight for me, it gives me time away from a busy daily life to reflect on my faith and new ways to explore worship and praise - James Scott, Newcastle Diocese


I feel as though the Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage 2013 has developed my belief in the Lord Jesus Christ; I think being amongst other people my age and having the opportunity to share our spiritual beliefs and opinions (as well as having a lot of fun with the brilliant 00 Heaven theme!) has had a positive influence on my life with the church, and I want to share my experiences with others around me and hopefully make them think about coming to the 2014 pilgrimage! - Charlotte Emmerson, Newcastle Diocese


Walsingham was amazing, it was a very uplifting experience and I learn a lot :) - Elizabeth Scott, Newcastle Diocese


Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage 2013 was a brilliant week, full of fun and enthusiasm; helping me to find a stronger relationship with God. - Jess Sproat, Newcastle Diocese



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New Bishop of Ebbsfleet.

Posted on the 2nd Aug 2013 in the Category - News

I am delighted by the news that Father Jonathan Goodall has been appointed as next Bishop of Ebbsfleet.  I am sure that he will serve in his new role with great distinction, for the good of the Church and the glory of God.


I am looking forward to welcoming him into the little team of PEVs.  However, we are part of a bigger team of Catholic Bishops who are seeking to maintain the Catholic tradition within the Church of England.


I hope that Fr Jonathan will help us to in our endeavours to continue to maintain an honoured and secure place in the Church of England, in order we may flourish within life and structures of the Church which we love so much, and to which we are solidly committed.


I will be praying much for Fr Jonathan as he prepares to take on his new role. I am looking forward to serving with him as a brother Bishop.


+ Glyn Beverley


Official Announcement

Announcement from the See of Ebbsfleet

Announcement from the Archbishop of Cantefbury

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Annoucement from the Society of Saint Wilfrid and Saint Hilda





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