The New Bishop of Beverley Gets Off to a Flying Start

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Only two days his consecration, Bishop Glyn made his first pastoral visit to one of his parishes.  He joined the people of St Paul’s, Royton in the Diocese of Manchester as they celebrated their Patronal Festival on 27 January. Around 240 people, including lots of children, visitors from other parishes and 12 concelebrating clergy enjoyed a magnificent Sung Mass, a Party followed in the Parish Centre and the proceedings concluded with fireworks.


A few more photos can be seen here.

Information regarding the Consecration of Canon Glyn Webster

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The Dean and Chapter of York are pleased to announce that the service for the Consecration of the Suffragan Bishop of Beverley, The Reverend Canon Glyn Webster, will be held on Friday 25th January 2013 at 11.00 a.m. in York Minster.   


The preacher will be The Most Reverend and Right Honorable Lord Hope of Thornes.


The service is ticketed and open to all members of the public.  


Requests for tickets should be made in writing to Mrs Hilary Reynolds, PA to the Precentor, Church House, Ogleforth, York, YO1 7JN, enclosing a large stamped addressed envelope for the return of the tickets.


All applications must be received by 5pm on Monday 7 January 2013.

Latest News

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THANK YOU.  I had not thought to issue another bulletin but the events of the past few weeks have quite changed my mind.  Betty and I have been overwhelmed by the greetings and gifts that have been showered on us.  Things have been written and said that we will long remember.  Many of you, together with folk from your parishes, have contributed very generously to the farewell gifts that were presented to us at York. Betty is now the proud owner of a powerful lamp that will help to facilitate her botanical painting.  I am now the proud owner of a laptop computer.  Without Lynn’s guiding hand to lead me around the remarkable world of the internet the mastery of the laptop should present the first major challenge of retirement!  We now plan a somewhat more substantial holiday than we had envisaged for next year.  Do be sure to pass our thanks to all your people and know how grateful we are to you.  


THE NEW BISHOP OF BEVERLEY.  An added joy of the past few weeks has been to learn that my successor is to be Canon Glyn Webster of York Minster. Across the past twelve years he has been a key figure in helping the Northern Provincial Festival to run smoothly and to see that our needs were well understood and provided for when we worshipped in York Minster.  CanonWebster was an early member of he support group I established early on in my time as PEV, to advise me as I found my feet in what to me was then a new ministry.  He is a long serving member of the Catholic Group in the General Synod and widely acclaimed as a skilled pastor.  We are greatly blessed by his appointment and assure him both of our prayers and of our loyalty.


A NEW PROVINCIAL MASTER FOR SSC.  Whether or not we are brethren of the Society of the  Holy Cross we all recognise the important role that the Society and its Master play in promoting the ‘traditionalist’ cause within our church.  In England alone there are some eight hundred brethren and many of them are to be numbered among those who serve in the Northern Province.  It is therefore a particular delight that the new Provincial Master is from among our number.  We congratulate Father Nicholas Spicer, vicar of Worksop Priory, on his election and assure him of our prayer as he fulfils such an important ministry within our church.


IN MEMORIAM.  Since the previous bulletin we record the following deaths:

Brian Godsell (Durham), Robert Mace (Wakefield), John Andrews (York), HarryOgden (Blackburn),  

Ivon Baker (York),  and Geoffrey Good (Wakefield).  May they rest in peace and rise in glory.


Be assured of my prayers and good wishes.  Please remember Betty and me in your prayers as, for a final time, I sign off the Bishop of Beverley’s Bulletin.

Letter to the Times from Catholic Bishops

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Sir, We support the initiative to promote unity and our common life and mission within the Church of England called Better Together.


The Church of England finds itself in a difficult place as it approaches the General Synod in July and the debate on the ordination of women to the episcopate. There remains, frustratingly for us all, a clear lack of consensus on the best way to proceed.


We believe that two principles, long accepted by the Church of England and the wider Anglican Communion, remain at the heart of this debate. The first is that it is the will of the majority that women be ordained as bishops.


The second is that a way must be found to respect the minority who are unpersuaded that this is a theological development which they can, in conscience, embrace. Recognition of this conviction must benefit the Church of England as a whole.


This debate is grounded on sincerely held theological convictions. As the Archbishop of Canterbury said, this is not simply a matter of opinion but of obedience: obedience to Scripture, to Tradition, to the wider consensus of the universal Church.


On the one hand there is the majority wish of members of the Church of England, voicing, perhaps, the perceived norms of wider society around issues of equality.On the other hand, our attention is being called to the mind of the Church catholic East and West. This is that “one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church” of which, in its Declaration of Assent, the Church of England claims to be a part.


As bishops committed to furthering the mission of the Church of England to all the people of this nation, we are also deeply mindful of our vocation to be guardians of the faith and to work for the full visible unity of the one Church of Jesus Christ. We pray for consensus and a way forward.


We are wholeheartedly committed to honouring those women whom the Church of England calls to the ordained ministry. We ask, too, for that proper respect for conscience which will continue to allow all traditions in our Church to flourish without detriment to one another.


The Right Rev Geoffrey Rowell, Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe; 

The Right Rev Jonathan Baker, Bishop of Ebbsfleet; 

The Right Rev Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester; 

The Right Rev Nicholas Reade, Bishop of Blackburn; 

The Right Rev Norman Banks, Bishop of Richborough; 

The Right Rev John Ford, Bishop of Plymouth; 

The Right Rev John Goddard, Bishop of Burnley; 

The Right Rev Martyn Jarrett, Bishop of Beverley; 

The Right Rev Tony Robinson, Bishop of Pontefract; 

The Right Rev Mark Sowerby, Bishop of Horsham; 

The Right Rev Peter Wheatley, Bishop of Edmonton



Catholic Bishops' June 2012 Pastoral Letter

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