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St Paul, Royton

Place: Royton

The Reverend Graham Hollowood


St Mary Magdalene, Winton

Place: Manchester

The Reverend Ian Hall


St Luke, New Rossington

Place: Doncaster



St Mary Magdalen, Accrington

Place: Accrington



St Helen, Carlin How

Place: Carlin How

The Reverend Adam Gaunt


St John, Seaton Hirst

Place: Seaton Hirst

The Reverend David Twomey


St Mary, Handsworth

Place: Sheffield

The Reverend Keith Johnson


St James, Darlington

Place: Darlington

The Reverend Kenneth Crawford


St James the Great, Haydock

Place: Haydock

The Reverend Andrew Welsby


St Luke, Lightbowne

Place: Manchester

The Reverend John O'Connor


St Bede, Newsham

Place: Blyth

The Reverend Canon Ian Flintoft


St Aidan Sunderland, Grangetown

Place: Sunderland

The Reverend David Raine


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