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St Mary, Handsworth

Place: Sheffield

The Reverend Keith Johnson


St Barnabas, Crewe

Place: Crewe

The Reverend Ralph Powell


St Luke, Grimethorpe

Place: Grimethorpe

The Reverend Ian McCormack


St John the Baptist, Mexborough

Place: Mexborough

The Reverend David Wise


St Matthew, Carver Street, Sheffield

Place: Sheffield

The Reverend Grant Naylor


St John the Evangelist, Chopwell

Place: Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The Reverend Paul Murray


Christ the King, Bowburn

Place: Durham

The Reverend John Livesley


St Luke, Southport

Place: Southport

The Reverend Paul Hutchins


St Paul, Hartlepool

Place: Hartlepool

The Reverend Richard Masshedar


St Hilda, Cross Green

Place: Leeds

The Reverend Darren Percival


St Aidan Sunderland, Grangetown

Place: Sunderland

The Reverend David Raine


All Saints, South Kirkby

Place: South Kirkby

The Reverend Timothy Kaye


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