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St Michael, Coppenhall

Place: Crewe

The Reverend John Leal


St Giles, Carburton

Place: Worksop



St James, Congleton

Place: Congleton

The Reverend Colin Sanderson


St Paul, King Cross

Place: Halifax

The Reverend Kevin Barnard


All Saints, Chorley

Place: Chorley

The Reverend Edmund Strasak


All Saints, Broughton

Place: Skipton

The Reverend Canon Nicholas Turner


St John, Edlington

Place: Edlington

The Reverend Stephen Edmonds


All Saints, Deneside

Place: Seaham

The Reverend Paul Kennedy


The Good Shepherd, Sunderland Ford

Place: Sunderland

The Reverend Beresford Skelton


All Saints, Middlesbrough

Place: Middlesbrough

The Reverend Glyn Holland


St Andrew with St Margaret and St James, Blackburn

Place: Blackburn

The Reverend Aiden Edwards


Holy Trinity, Doncaster

Place: Doncaster

The Reverend Jeffrey Stokoe


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