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St Luke, Scawthorpe

Place: Doncaster

The Reverend David D'Silva


St Luke, Sharlston

Place: Sharlston

The Reverend David Teasdel


St Augustine, Tonge Moor

Place: Bolton

The Reverend Tony Davies


All Saints North Street, York

Place: York

The Reverend Kenneth Gabbadon


St Andrew, Tudhoe Grange

Place: Spennymoor

The Reverend John Livesley


St John the Evangelist, Middlesbrough

Place: Middlesbrough

The Reverend Stephen Cooper


St John the Evangelist, Toft

Place: Knutsford

The Reverend Nigel Atkinson


St Stephen on the Cliffs, Blackpool

Place: Blackpool

The Reverend Canon Andrew Sage


St Paul, Old Town, Barnsley

Place: Barnsley

The Reverend Canon Stephen Race


The Good Shepherd, Sunderland Ford

Place: Sunderland

The Reverend Beresford Skelton


St Matthew, Carver Street, Sheffield

Place: Sheffield

The Reverend Grant Naylor


St Paul, Thornaby

Place: Stockton-on-Tees

The Reverend Charles Razzall


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