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St Luke, Ushaw Moor

Place: Durham

The Reverend Carl Peters


St Paul, Brierley

Place: Brierley

The Reverend Canon Paul Cartwright


St Nicholas, Ryecroft

Place: Ryecroft



St Ignatius the Martyr, Hendon

Place: Sunderland

The Reverend Andrew Collins Jones


St Crispin, Withington

Place: Manchester

The Reverend Patrick Davies


Christ Church, Carnforth

Place: Carnforth

The Reverend Canon Stephen Jones


St Mary, Micklefield

Place: Micklefield

The Reverend Christopher Wilton


The Ascension, Lower Broughton

Place: Salford

The Reverend Canon David Wyatt


St Thomas, Huddersfield

Place: Huddersfield



St John the Baptist, Cudworth

Place: Cudworth

The Reverend David Nicholson


St John the Evangelist, Carlton

Place: Barnsley

The Reverend Peter Needham


St Christopher & St Nicholas, Blackpool

Place: Blackpool

The Reverend Martin Daniels


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