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St Mark with Christchurch, Glodwick

Place: Oldham



St Mark, Burnley

Place: Burnley

The Rt Reverend Philip North


St Agnes and St Pancras, Toxteth Park

Place: Liverpool

The Reverend Derek Lloyd


St Ignatius the Martyr, Hendon

Place: Sunderland

The Reverend Andrew Collins Jones


St Luke, Southport

Place: Southport

The Reverend Dr Thomas Carpenter


The Chapel of St Mary the Virgin, Clumber Park

Place: Worksop

The Reverend Nicolas Spicer


St Barnabas, Crewe

Place: Crewe

The Reverend Ralph Powell


St Andrew, Accrington

Place: Accrington



St Luke, Lightbowne

Place: Manchester

The Reverend Canon Paul Hutchins


St John the Baptist, Mexborough

Place: Mexborough

The Reverend Edward Morrison


St Paul, King Cross

Place: Halifax



St John The Evangelist, Seaham Harbour

Place: Seaham

The Reverend Paul Kennedy


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