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St Benedict, Cowpen

Place: Blyth



St Hilda, Cross Green

Place: Leeds

The Reverend Darren Percival


St Thomas, Huddersfield

Place: Huddersfield

The Reverend Leslie Pinfield


St Michael, Garton in Holderness

Place: Garton in Holderness

The Reverend Martin Faulkner


St Mary, Barnsley

Place: Barnsley

The Reverend Canon Stephen Race


St John, Knutsford

Place: Knutsford

The Reverend Nigel Atkinson


St Margaret, Hollinwood

Place: Oldham

The Reverend David Hawthorn


St James, Congleton

Place: Congleton

The Reverend Colin Sanderson


St George, Cullercoats

Place: Cullercoats

The Reverend Canon Adrian Hughes


St John & St Mary Magdalene, Goldthorpe

Place: Goldthorpe

The Reverend Carl Schaefer


St Luke, Grimethorpe

Place: Grimethorpe



St James the Great, Haydock

Place: Haydock

The Reverend Andrew Welsby


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