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St Bernard, Southey Green

Place: Sheffield

The Reverend Keith Ryder-West


St Chad, Toller Lane

Place: Bradford



St Paul, Hartlepool

Place: Hartlepool

The Reverend Richard Masshedar


St Luke, Sharlston

Place: Sharlston

The Reverend David Teasdel


St Paul, Monk Bretton

Place: Barnsley

The Reverend Brian Bell


St Mary, Micklefield

Place: Micklefield

The Reverend Christopher Wilton


All Saints, Deneside

Place: Seaham

The Reverend Paul Kennedy


St Peter, Hoyland

Place: Hoyland

The Reverend Richard Parker


St James, Coundon

Place: Bishop Auckland

The Reverend Gary Nicholson


St James, Darlington

Place: Darlington

The Reverend Kenneth Crawford


St Nicholas, Ryecroft

Place: Ryecroft

The Reverend Andrew Lee


St James, Owton Manor

Place: Hartlepool

The Reverend Stephen Locke


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