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St Paul, Manton

Place: Worksop

The Reverend Nicolas Spicer


St John, Seaton Hirst

Place: Seaton Hirst



St James, Darlington

Place: Darlington

The Reverend Kenneth Crawford


St Mary, Thornton-in-Craven

Place: Skipton

The Reverend Canon Nicholas Turner


St John the Evangelist, Carlton

Place: Barnsley

The Reverend Canon Rodney Marshall


St Michael, Coppenhall

Place: Crewe

The Reverend Charles Razzal


St Luke, New Rossington

Place: Doncaster

The Reverend John Leal


Christ Church, Chadderton

Place: Chadderton

The Reverend John Simmons


St Cyprian, Nottingham

Place: Nottingham



St Peter, Hoyland

Place: Hoyland

The Reverend Richard Parker


Holy Innocents with St Mary, Thornill Lees

Place: Dewsbury



All Saints, Deneside

Place: Seaham

The Reverend Paul Kennedy


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