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St Thomas, Huddersfield

Place: Huddersfield

The Reverend Leslie Pinfield


St Wilfrid, Hickleton

Place: Hickleton

The Reverend Carl Schaefer


St Philip and St James, New Bentley

Place: Doncaster

The Reverend Stephen Dickinson


St Barnabas, Crewe

Place: Crewe

The Reverend Ralph Powell


The Holy Family, Failsworth

Place: Manchester

The Reverend Anthony Mills


St Chad, Toller Lane

Place: Bradford



St Paul, Royton

Place: Shaw



St Mary, Bishophill Junior

Place: York

The Reverend Andrew Stoker


St Andrew, Tudhoe Grange

Place: Spennymoor

The Reverend John Livesley


St James with St Ambrose, Oldham

Place: Oldham

The Reverend Paul Plumpton


St Hugh of Lincoln, New Cantley

Place: Doncaster

The Reverend Jeffrey Stokoe


St Saviour with All Saints, Scarborough

Place: Scarborough

The Reverend David Dixon


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