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St Helen, Waddington

Place: Waddington

The Reverend Christopher Wood


St Paul, King Cross

Place: Halifax



Christ Church, Chadderton

Place: Chadderton

The Reverend John Simmons


St John, Horbury Bridge

Place: Horbury

The Reverend Christopher Johnson


St Cyprian, Nottingham

Place: Nottingham



St Helen, Carlin How

Place: Carlin How

The Reverend Adam Gaunt


St Mary Magdalene, Winton

Place: Manchester

The Reverend Ian Hall


The Good Shepherd, Sunderland Ford

Place: Sunderland

The Reverend Beresford Skelton


The Holy Family, Failsworth

Place: Manchester

The Reverend Canon Paul Hutchins


St Matthew, Carver Street, Sheffield

Place: Sheffield

The Reverend Grant Naylor


St Jude, Hexthorpe

Place: Doncaster

The Reverend Stephen Edmonds


St Hilda, Cross Green

Place: Leeds

The Reverend Darren Percival


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