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St Andrew, West Kirby

Place: Wirral

The Reverend Peter Walsh


St George, Nottingham

Place: Nottingham

The Reverend Ian McCormack


Holy Trinity, Dalton

Place: Rotherham

The Reverend Andrew Lee


St Paul, Adlington

Place: Adlington

The Reverend David Arnold


St John, Knutsford

Place: Knutsford

The Reverend Nigel Atkinson


St Michael and All Angels with St John the Evangelist and Holy Trinity, Blackburn

Place: Blackburn


St Philip and St James, New Bentley

Place: Doncaster

The Reverend Stephen Dickinson


St Hilda, Audenshaw

Place: Audenshaw

The Reverend John Kershaw


St Matthew, Carver Street, Sheffield

Place: Sheffield

The Reverend Grant Naylor


St Ignatius the Martyr, Hendon

Place: Sunderland

The Reverend Andrew Collins Jones


St Hilda of Whitby, Grangetown

Place: Middlesbrough

The Reverend Edward Mathias-Jones


St Michael, Garton in Holderness

Place: Garton in Holderness

The Reverend Martin Faulkner


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