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St Crispin, Withington

Place: Manchester

The Reverend Patrick Davies


St Peter, Swinton

Place: Swinton

The Reverend Dr Jeremy Sheehy


St Mary & St Martin, Whiteleas

Place: South Shields

The Reverend Mervyn Thompson


St John & St Barnabas, Belle Isle

Place: Leeds

The Reverend Chris Buckley


St Luke, New Rossington

Place: Doncaster

The Reverend John Leal


St Andrew, Tudhoe Grange

Place: Spennymoor

The Reverend John Livesley


St Timothy, Hemlington

Place: Hemlington

The Reverend Robert Desics


St Helen, Athersley

Place: Barnsley

The Reverend Canon Rodney Marshall



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