Bishop Glyn's note to his brother priests

Posted on the 18th Mar 2020 in the Category - News

This note must be read in conjunction with a further message from Bishop Glyn on 19th March 2020, which can be found here.



18th March 2020

Dear Brothers,


Along with you all, I am sure, I received yesterday’s statement from the Archbishops with much sadness, though with a sense of inevitability.

Please be assured of my prayers for you and your people as you make the recommended radical adjustments to your own exercising of your priesthood, for however long proves to be necessary.  I hope that it will be possible to keep your churches open for prayer, and where appropriate to continue to celebrate your weekday Masses, though with only a very small number of people present in the congregation.

However, I am aware that some of us, for health reasons, come within the vulnerable constituency mentioned in the published guidelines. You will know yourself if that includes you.  If it does so, please have no hesitation in NOT celebrating Mass where others may be tempted
to be present. Say your Mass privately. I am hugely concerned for your health and wellbeing. 


Please keep looking at the Church of England/Diocesan websites for any updates which may be forthcoming. I have been very grateful to read what many of you have posted on your Facebook pages – very helpful.

Also, please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns which you may have.  None of us knows how long we are going to be in this set of circumstances.

May we all exercise patience and trust in what Sister Mary Michael, CHC always used to say – ‘it is all in God’s hands.’

Thank you as ever for the privilege of serving you and serving with you.
God bless you in what are very strange days,



The Right Reverend ✠Glyn Webster, Bishop of Beverley


Further information and resources will be available in due time.