Following today’s announcement of Fr Philip North, Team Rector of Parish of Old St Pancras, Diocese of London, as the next Bishop of Burnley, Bishop Glyn has been in contact with Fr North to greet him on his appointment to be a Bishop in the Church of God, and assures him of his prayers for his future ministry.   Obviously, Bishop Glyn and Fr Philip will be working closely together in the further, together of course with Bishop Tony.  He is looking forward to this.

Bishop Glyn is hugely encouraged by Bishop Julian’s approach to Fr North’s appointment.  Please read here what he has said about it:

“I wanted to have an episcopal colleague who is from the traditionalist catholic constituency and Philip fulfils that role well. He comes to serve the whole Diocese. He will also have particular care for those people who cannot accept the ministry of women as Bishops and Priests in the Church – and he will have my wholehearted support in carrying out this important work.”

We express our gratitude to Bishop Julian for his generosity of spirit and his commitment to mutual flourishing with the life of the church.