Obviously since the sad news of Bishop Philip North’s withdrawal of his acceptance of the Bishopric of Sheffield, Bishop Glyn has been extremely busy speaking and meeting with clergy from across the Province, but in particular with the dear priests of the Diocese of Sheffield, hence the silence since last Thursday.  However, with a few spare moments, Bishop Glyn wishes to express his own sadness at the news that Bishop Philip has decided that he is not able to become Sheffield’s next Bishop.  Bishop Philip is very much on his heart and in his prayers, as is the Diocese of Sheffield and indeed the whole of the Church of England.

However, Bishop Glyn is thankful for the way in which the clergy and people in our branch of the family have responded to the situation we now find ourselves in, as a result of Bishop Philip’s decision.  Bishop Glyn met with the Priests in the Diocese of Sheffield on Friday morning for a quiet meeting of reflection and prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.  On this coming Tuesday 14 March at 7pm at St John & St Mary Magdalene, Goldthorpe, Bishops Glyn and Tony will be present for Mass followed by a meeting for all clergy and laity of the Diocese to continue the period of reflection.  We are grateful to Fr Schaefer for his kind invitation.

Bishop Glyn understands that at a moment like this, it is perfectly understandable to arrive at the view that the Five Guiding Principles seem to have been ‘blown out of the water’.  However, it is too soon to arrive at that as being a definitive conclusion to draw.  He wants to continue to encourage us all to hold on to belief that within the providence of God,  there is still a place for us, and for our Catholic contribution to make, to the life of the Church of England.  On a personal note Bishop Glyn wishes to thank the clergy and people he is privileged to serve.  He prays that together, we will hold fast to the truth of Saint Paul’s words in his epistle to the Romans, “that we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8.28)

Bishop Glyn commends the helpful initiative of The Society in the Diocese of Sheffield to hold a novena of prayer, which can be found here. And he will be joining in the Novena in his own private prayers.

Radio Interview
This morning Bishop Glyn did an interview on BBC Radio York reflecting upon Bishop Philip’s withdrawal from the Diocese of Sheffield. You can listen to it here, starting at 1 hour, 8 mins and 10 secs.